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VNTPay is a digital wallet created by InventoryClub to hold VNT and XLM. Users can transfer funds between each other, utilising the power of the Commonwealth Crypto.

VNT is the lifeblood of the InventoryClub ecosystem, flowing from its core, enabling members from the global community to finance merchants of the commonwealth. However, it is not exclusive to Members & Merchants, the sky is the limit for all VNTPay users. Within seconds and without fees, VNT can be sent from one wallet to another.

The power of the Commonwealth Crypto right at your fingertips

“Becoming a VNT holder and an active participant within the InventoryClub ecosystem means you are ultimately enabling the growth and success of others and their communities, unlocking the gateway to their financial freedom, while achieving and furthering your own goals” – Terry Igharoro, Founder & CEO

The story of VNTPay starts with InventoryClub, the world’s first peer-to-peer inventory finance marketplace to connect Commonwealth merchants with a global membership of financial backers. An ecosystem that enables online merchants to access inventory without the need to go through financial institutions requires a tool that puts the power in the hands of its people. VNTPay does just that and so much more. With zero cost of use and a concrete security infrastructure, VNTPay is a user-friendly interface and convenient transaction process enables you to cash in and cash out effortlessly. Within seconds, the gap between the power of Blockchain and the people who can truly benefit from it is being bridged, within the Commonwealth and beyond.

Easy. Secure. Convenient.
Same minute transfers

Sending funds to your friends and family exactly when they need it has never been easier. VNTPay helps you, help those you care for, when they need it.

VNTPay allows me to do so much more than I expected, in less time and with no cost!
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Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?

With the complete functionality of a digital wallet that can truly serve you, plus a minimalist interface, VNTPay is easy, secure and convenient to use. As a Member, Merchant or VNT token holder, you can store your VNT safely within the digital wallet. Sending or requesting funds from one VNTPay wallet to another is also effortless, with transactions being settled within seconds.

What does a digital wallet do?

A digital wallet or cryptocurrency wallet is a software program, often accessible through a mobile application such as VNTPay, that stories private and public keys and interacts with various blockchain to allow users to send and receive digital currency and view their balance.

Am I eligible to become a Member?

Yes! Members who make up our global membership of financial backers, can join from any all over world. Whether you reside within the Commonwealth or a non-member nation, you are invited to share the growth and share the profits!

Am I eligible to become a Merchant?

To become a Merchant within the InventoryClub ecosystem, the only criteria for eligibility is that you reside and/or operate within a Commonwealth nation.

Do I have to be a Member or a Merchant to use VNTPay?

No. VNTPay and VNT itself is open to everyone. Whether you are a participant in the InventoryClub ecosystem or not.

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